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"There's no future in that direction・・・"
—Mirei, Valkyrie Drive Mermaid

Mirei Shikishima (敷島 魅零 Shikishima Mirei) is one of the main protagonists in Valkyrie Drive Mermaid. She is codenamed as C7, a former elite assassin of Feste, the former partner of Momoka Sagara, and the current partner and lover of Tokonome Mamori. Due to Mirei's extremely reserved appearance, any people think that she's a scary person but she is actually a pure-hearted and innocent person in reality, who is also courageous and energetic, she doesn't avert her eyes from disturbing scenes. Because of her reserved nature, only few people are aware of her past.


Mirei is a beautiful tan-skinned teenage girl with cascading floor-length blond hair with chestnut highlights (which she sometimes puts into a braid when she sleeps) that has longish bangs with an ahoge sticking up from the top of her head. She has bright/dark pink or purple eyes. In Episode 11, it's shown that she used to have short black hair before she was taken as a test subject, and that the bleaching from the chemicals turned her hair blond.

She is of a slightly above average height, with a large bust. Her mouth is small, and she keeps her lips pursed to make her default expression rather stern.

Her standard attire is an untidy school uniform of unknown alma mater/origins with white blouse is left un-tucked and always has the top and bottom buttons undone, the half-open necktie is dark brown with a single white stripe down the center, the blazer is dark brown with gold piping and scarlet collar, a blue and gold insignia on the left breast, the skirt is a red tartan with black and white stripes, black combat boots and fingerless black gloves. When in combat, her blouse is usually unbuttoned due to the fact that she would have initiated Drive prior using her breasts as a stimulus for her Arm.


Mirei is an observant, intelligent and quiet girl as she doesn't often speak much (she has a very polite and reserved tone whenever she speaks, despite being younger than Mamori Tokonome). But, she is a very strong and protective person to her friends, especially Mamori (since they are partners).

For all her fierceness, Mirei is embarrassed by what she must do to Mamori to help them survive their battles. She knows how to efficiently engage in Drive, but will only do so for that purpose. If someone else kisses her (such as Rain Hasumi), she will feel a bit violated and punch them in retaliation. Especially in Episode 4, one of Charlotte Scherzen's spies trapped Mirei in a trance where she was molested. But she snapped out of it, saying she has already seen hell in reality. This may be related to the beginning of Episode 2. However, Mirei was visibly touched when Mamori first voluntarily puckered up for a kiss to initiate Drive.


Mirei seems to have had military experience, and fighting along her first Exter, Momoka Sagara. Because she was refusing to fight,the organisation decided to dispose of her. A doctor helped her and sent her back into the world, reporting that she was killed during the war a year ago. She was unable to live a normal life and was sent to Mermaid when she fought with the agents who were afraid of the young girl named Tokonome Mamori.


Early Life[]

Prior to the series, Mirei is presumably the daughter of an unnamed doctor and an unnamed woman. However, it is never mentioned about her previous roles and hobby in life before she was taken by Feste as a test subject of the A-Virus.

Arrival on Mermaid[]

Shortly after Mamori Tokonome is ambushed by Momoko Kouzuki and Aoi Miyasato, Mirei arrives on the island. Miyasato (with Kouzuki already in Drive) is at first dumbfounded at her arrival but engages both her and Mamori anyway. At first, it seems like they are outmatched, but Mirei kisses Mamori and drives with her for the first time. The two are then able to defeat the duo. Mamori (not knowing what had happened) questions Mirei as they head to the castle, the latter however remains silent throughout the walk.

As the two enter the castle, Mirei quickly moves Mamori out of the way as they are pitted against Kibami Saejima and Ichigo Hakushuichi (Kibami's exter). After a short squabble Mirei forces Mamori into drive again and she is able to take Saejima down. The moment is short lived when Charlotte Scherzen arrives and imprisons Mirei, while Mamori is taken for wedding plans. Mirei is then sprung free by Meifon Sakura who she proceeds to beat after the latter grabs Mirei's breast. She then questions Mamori's whereabouts and heads to save her.

Mirei then arrives and rescues Mamori (in the process Mamori drives with her willingly for the first time) and the two set up camp on the beach. The two introduce themselves and Mamori is appalled that Mirei is younger than her, but so mature in appearance.

Settling In[]

Mirei and Mamori Tokonome are then picked up by Meifon Sakura, who explains why Mermaid is the way it is and why the two were quarantined there. The two settled in, but Mirei notices Mamori is sad that she is far from home. Later when Gran Torino is stormed by Charlotte (Meifon has stolen some rations), Mirei takes the blame and prepares to surrender, but she is interrupted by Lady Lady. One of the girls Rain Hasumi drives with Mirei and they are able to ward the Werter off until Akira Hiragi, the governor commands them to retreat. Mirei then attempts to punch Rain for forcefully kissing Lady J's parts ways with them. Mirei then remarks their strength being possibly soldier class.

After Mamori begins becoming smitten with Akira, Mirei shows signs of jealousy. After Mamori is caught in one of Charlotte's follower's illusions, Mirei drives with Mamori and defeats the girl (withstanding her illusions in the process). Later after helping Nimi Minimi and taking part in a beauty pageant to win a prize for Mamori, her and Mirei encounter Ms. Heelhold (actually Akira in disguise). She and Mamori help her after a werter follower is taken hostage, but the hostage situation is a ruse to gain demands from Akira. Mirei is incapacitated and her, Mamori and Akira are taken hostage as the latter two break free and defeat them. Akira's wig falls off in the process and Mirei catches a glimpse of her true identity.

Momoka Sagara's Invasion[]

After recovering, Mirei, Mamori Tokonome, Meifon Sakura and Lady J investigate an area on the island to learn about the Valkyrie Effect at Akira Hiragi's request (to Lady Lady as they had brought the former three along). Mirei is confronted by artificial arms and is forced to unleash her full power, but is soon rendered helpless. Mamori tries to protect her, prompting Mirei to drive with her and their weapon is upgraded. The five girls then escape.

The duo then discover Gran Torino in disarray after a day of picking fruit and head to the castle. They find Akira strung up in front of the castle and take her to safety before investigating the incident further. Mirei is then forced to fight Kasumi Shigure after the latter is forced to fight. Mamori then diffuses the situation by freeing Hibiki Kenjo. Momoka Sagara then engages Mirei, but easily overwhelms her, even with the aid of Lady Lady. Mirei is then seriously wounded as Mamori is taken hostage. After a partial recovery, Mirei and Lady Lady defeat Charlotte Scherzen, who had driven with E9, one of Momoka's followers. Afterward, Mirei confronts Momoka, who forces Mamori into drive easily and attacks Mirei. Many of the others join in the fight, but are all absorbed with Mamori, but Mirei frees them and absorbs them herself. Mirei then kisses Momoka to remove the Armed Virus from the girls. Afterward, Mirei, Mamori, Meifon and Lady Lady set off to cure everyone else who is infected on the other islands.


Mamori Tokonome[]

When in Drive, Mirei wields her in her Sword Form.They can also teleport using Mamori's power. When she causes the Valkyrie Effect with Mirei, she turns into a double-ended spear. Accurately, when they're using Valkyrie Drive, the matching rate of their Armed Virus will increase to 100%, making their appearances fused together and enhancing naturally.

Rain Hasumi[]

Mirei was only once in Drive with her, when they first met, because Rain was intrigued by Mirei's strength. Rain turned into her typical Arm form, taking her appearance of a cross-shaped cannon.

Momoka Sagara[]

When in Drive, Momoka transforms into a pair of joint guards and sword.

Powers & Abilities[]

As a Liberator, Mirei's power is S-Class. She poses exceptional psychical abilities for a human. Even without her Arm, she is able to make enormous flying leaps, and has exquisite situational awareness. With the aid of Mamori Tokonome (Mirei's Arm), Mirei has managed to beat several other pairs with little difficulty. For this reason she is considered a high-treat Liberator. Because she shown above-average abilities, she was chosen for Enhancement, which has given her a superhuman power.

When she uses her Enhancement abilities,her arms and legs transform into a robot like structure, as well as her left eye and cheek. She gains incredible speed and strength to fight. However, she will experience intense repercussions afterwards if she doesn't take a repressing pill prior to Enhancement.

  • Skilled Fighter
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Acrobatics
  • Soldier Arm Form - Mirei is able to awaken in her armor-like form to increase her combat power in three minutes. While Mirei staying in this form beyond three minutes, she will be exhausted.

Drive Breaks[]


  • Overexhaustion - After using her Soldier Arm Form, she cannot handle her abilities of the A-Virus all by herself without taking a dosage of repression pills when she was injured during or after the fight, causing Mirei's body to be weaken at low limits in time.


  • The name Mirei means "fascination, charm, bewitch" (魅) (mi) and "zero, nought, spill, overflow, nothing, cipher" (零) (rei).
  • Mirei's surname Shikishima means "floor, spread, pave, sit, promulgate" (敷) (shiki) and "island" (島) (shima), which means "islands that one has spread/laid out".
    • The surname Shikishima of Japan supposedly originates in the name of an area in Shiki District of Yamato Province in which some emperors of ancient Japan resided. 


  • Mirei is implied to be the long-rumored Soldier.
  • Mirei's motif was Emu Hojo (A.K.A, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid). As for both of them having the same traits like protecting people they cherished (Bugster-infected patients and Mamori) and surviving the battle without continues.
    • When Mirei was fused with Mamori Tokonome by using Valkyrie Drive, Mirei's appearance was glowing in pinkish glow and attires a cat-like armor around her body. This was similar to Ex-Aid's Final Form, Muteki Gamer. First appeared in the (final) episode 12 with the same name of the title.
  • Mirei has a fond of cute things.
  • Mirei is remarkably mature for fifteen, a recurring gag when new acquaintances learn her age.
  • Mirei's Final Drive in Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni gives her a sword not seen in the anime while activating Connect (which is comparable to the Valkyrie Drive) gives her a gold aura with blue streaks of energy while in the anime she gets cat armor.

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