"At any rate, let's start immediately! Hello, hello!"
—Meifon, Valkyrie Drive Mermaid

Meifon was transferred to Mermaid Island long before Mamori and Mirei. She is half Taiwanese and half Japanese. Her quick-witted, agile movements make the best use of her small figure. She talks with an Osaka (Kansai) dialect (sometimes translated as a humorous Southern accent for Americans--which may explain the cowboy hat and boots). She's an entrepeneur who will do anything for money, but is also generous to those in need. Some think her reckless, perhaps because of her emotive persona. Despite living in a good life at the castle "Feste", making cash as a bookie at the arena, she also makes frequent visits to the countryside.


Osaka, Japan is historically a merchant city and is known as the "nation's Kitchen". [Wikipedia]


In Ep. 1, she appears wearing a school uniform and green-rimmed glasses, and has outsized breasts, but in Ep. 2 and 3, she wears a pink cowboy hat, a tied-off halter top, and is almost flat (An AAA cup, in the official character sheet).


Meifon Sakura jokes around often, she has a light personality, but does take severe situations seriously. She loves money; enough to be able to turn into an arm, while the money acts as a liberator.

Abilities Edit

Gold Money Armor: This is triggered when she has money out to Drive in her golden armor body, She can can generate force fields and strong electricity based attacks. When some parts of the money armor are being damaged, they disappear revealing bits of her nude body and when the battle is over, the whole armor vanishes leaving her nude and having a foreclosure tag covering her pelvis. She has to regain all the money spent for each time she Drives with the inanimate liberator.


She steals goods from the Feste warehouses to supply the inhabitants of Atelier Torino in the countryside (Ep. 3).

Meifong herself is an Exter, only she does not require another Liberator partner to Drive, rather, her driving partner is money which is an inanimate object. After Drive she becomes equipped with golden armor.