" Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni"

Manpukumaru simply loves food. Though her perpetually cheerful attitude makes her seem harmless, don't be fooled: in her eyes, the difference between friend and foe is a simple as who has more food to offer. Perhaps a full stomach is her only ally. She uses dual cleavers in battle.



Manpukumaru is a very tall girl, with the largest bust in the cast. She has light brown hair styled in twin-tails. Her irises are lime green and her pupils are star-shaped. She wears a purple maid outfit that exposes her stomach. She wears combat boots.


Powers and Abilities Edit

Drive Breaks Edit

  • Shuriken Wheel - Manpuku throws her saw-blades in a wheel-shaped buzzsaw through targets.
  • Pop'n Gravity - Manpuku rushes towards targets with a buzzsaw cross-slash.
  • Pop Pop Shower - Manpuku summons a circle of solid spikes surrounding her through the ground before slamming them into the air and meteors into targets.


  • Manpukumaru has two Kamen Rider Motifs:
    1. Oren Pierre Alfonzo (A.K.A, Kamen Rider Bravo) - He was wields a pair of bladed Arms Weapons called Duri Noko. Which is similar to Manpuku's saw-blades.
    2. Kosuke Nitoh (A.K.A, Kamen Rider Beast) - He was also light character as Manpukumaru. Due to their sensible habits and capable of liking any food as well.