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Manpuku Maru-chan or Manpuku Maru (commonly called Manpukumaru-chan before the characters realized her actual name) simply loves food. Though her perpetually cheerful attitude makes her seem harmless, don't be fooled: in her eyes, the difference between friend and foe is a simple as who has more food to offer. Perhaps a full stomach is her only ally. She uses dual cleavers in battle.




Manpukumaru is a very tall girl, with the largest bust in the cast. She has light brown hair styled in twin-tails. Her irises are lime green and her pupils are star-shaped. She wears a purple maid outfit that exposes her stomach. She wears combat boots.


Manpuku loves food and is usually very cheery, if not totally aware of what is going on. The only character that managed to put her in a bad mood was Mana Inagawa.

Manpuku does not have a primary partners like many of the others, and tends to just partner with whoever needs it at the time (usually in exchange for a meal). Prior to the story she was most recently partnering with Viola since she Koharu Tsukikage had stopped partnering with her.

Powers and Abilities[]

Drive Breaks[]

  • Delicious Spinners - Manpuku throws her saw-blades that spins rapidly in a buzzsaw fashion through targets.
  • Pop'n Gravity - Manpuku rushes towards targets with a buzzsaw cross-slash.
  • Pop Pop Shower - Manpuku summons a circle of solid spikes surrounding her through the ground before slamming them into the air and meteors into targets.


  • Manpukumaru has two Kamen Rider Motifs:
    1. Oren Pierre Alfonzo (A.K.A, Kamen Rider Bravo) - He was wields a pair of bladed Arms Weapons called Duri Noko. Which is similar to Manpuku's saw-blades.
    2. Kosuke Nitoh (A.K.A, Kamen Rider Beast) - He was also light character as Manpukumaru. Due to their sensible habits and capable of liking any food as well, presumably including Kosuke's favorite food, mayonnaise.
  • Manpukumaru shares the same voice actress with Shiki, from Senran Kagura (a sister franchise from Marvelous). Additionally, she also shares the same voice of the virtual YouTuber and mascot of Nitroplus, Super Sonico.
  • A similar character exists in Kandagawa Jet Girls (another sister series) called Kuromaru Manpuku.