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'Echigoya is one of the characters that appears in the game Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni.


Echigoya runs a Shop that is connected to the Dining Room. Like the dining room itself, fighting is not allowed within the Shop.

With the motto "Reliable Cheerful Accounting", she supports the fifth generation Valkyries in a variety of ways. She is able to procure all kinds of items and information, but says she will not deal in human lives.

It seems she is a descendant of a venerable shinobi family.


Echigoya is a non-playable character that only appears in cutscenes. She is usually not seen directly, but instead on floating holographic screens that appear when she wants to communicate with the Valkyries.

However, she appears in-person inside of her Shop, which she runs along with the Lingerie Printer.


(Beware! End of Game Spoilers!)
Echigoya is eventually revealed to be a Valkyrie who was infected with the VR-Virus like the main cast. Her partner was Gundari back when she still had a human form.

However, Echigoya was taken in by the Organization and extensively experimented on (possibly in a manner similar to Momoka Sagara), and states that now she's not even sure how much of her body is mechanical and how much is organic.

Gundari's response to this was to start the Four Pillars project to protect the island of Bhikkhuni and prevent any other Valkyrie from suffering what Echigoya had to go through, or worse.

Over the course of the game, Echigoya begins to doubt that Gundari's plan was the right way to go about things.


  • While she is revealed to be a Valkyrie, and official artwork depicts her with a large mallet, she is not a playable character and has not been observed in combat.
  • During the animated intro of the game, Echigoya is seen within the Dining Room and briefly glitches out, implying that this appearance may be a hologram she can project.