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Charlotte Scherzen (シャルロット・シャルゼン Sharurotto Sharuzen) is one of the antagonists in Valkyrie Drive Mermaid. She holds high office, second only to Governor Akira Hiragi, but on an equal par with the head of security, Commander Kasumi Shigure. Charlotte leads an elite group of Liberators called the Adel who are also her lovers.

Charlotte is responsible for training and integrating new arrivals to Mermaid Island. She has a habit of pursuing her own personal agenda, sometimes at odds with Governor's Hiragi's orders and the interests of the Wärter.


Charlotte is a beautiful woman with hip-length pink hair, purple eyes, and pink lips. She wears thigh-high stockings with garters, high heeled boots and long, sharp painted nails.

Like some of the other girls with winged Arms (e.g. Ange), she wears triangular hair ornaments on either side of her head. Sometimes, these ornaments and her hair give her face a butterfly look, like her Arm in miniature.


It is not clear if Charlotte and her followers (Ange, Miranda etc.) are actual Westerners or Japanese Europhiles who have adopted Western names. The fact that she gives Momoka Sagara the Western name "Françoise" implies the latter.

She is confident in her power, even arrogant, manipulative, sometimes capricious and cruel. When problems occur, Charlotte tends to resort to heavy-handed methods to resolve them, which can cause conflict with the more moderate Kasumi Shigure.

Charlotte revels in her lush and sensual body. She also enjoys sex and her penchant for violence leads to her enjoying a lifestyle of bondage and sadomasochism with her Adels.[1] However, this is a facade, in reality, Charlotte is power-hungry, psychotic, delusional, and abusive towards the girls with her own view of lust, it was also revealed that she indulges herself with a God Complex, where she was unnaturally causing more dangerous situations.

Unfortunately for her, after being slapped by Momoka during the conflict in Wärter, her own true colors were snapped out within her, which loses her career of being a leader, putting her into a mental fallout. Although, due to her cause, her fate in the series' finale is unknown, it is implied that Charlotte was presumably defecting from Adel, as this may even cause her founding group in distress and attempting to find out what happened to her.


Like all the other inhabitant of Mermaid Island, Charlotte used to live a normal life but was exiled and confined to the island when she was found to have the A-Virus. She formed a group with four other girls who were devoted admirers of hers and they were called the Adel team. The members of Adel are Ange, Miranda, Marianne and Monroe. Akira Hiragi acknowledged Charlotte's strength and leadership and so she was invited to be part of Welter, the ruling faction in Mermaid.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Claw Combat - Charlotte was able to use her sharp fingernails at her foes. This was first seen in episode 2, where she cleaves Mamori Tokonome's gym outfit.


  • Overconfidence - This is Charlotte's fatal flaw. Due to her god complex, Charlotte's behavior resembles that of a strong queen. There is also a side effect, however, during battle, Charlotte almost loses her focus while fighting Mirei in a one-on-one match, where the latter begins to attack her weak points: her finger nails. With her nails damaged, Charlotte will experience pain, causing her to be extremely vulnerable to any type of attacks.
  • Mental Breakdown - As seen in Episode 11, Charlotte, after capturing Mamori, was betrayed by Momoka with a slap on her left cheek, causing her to be emotionally and mentally unstable. This is also (possibly) tied to her own defection from Adel in the series finale, stepping away as a broken woman after the destruction of her own reputation as the group's leader and head of the island.


  • The name Charlotte means "free man", "petite", "strong and virile" or "vigorous" in French.
  • Charlotte's surname Scherzen means "to joke" in German.


  • Charlotte is the first Liberator to have inverted nipples and not have a Drive Break, preceded by Momoka Sagara.
  • Charlotte's motif was Kuroto Dan (A.K.A, Kamen Rider Genm) from Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. Coincidentally, they both share their god complexes and dark natures in their respective series.


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