The Adel are an elite group of Liberators in Welter headed by Charlotte Scherzen.

History Edit

Charlotte formed the Adel when they met in Mermaid Island long before she was invited by Akira Hiiragi to join him and Kasumi Shigure in leading the Welter and it's Castle.

Members Edit

  • Charlotte Scherzen - The leader of Adel. A powerful liberator and a high ranking member in Welter
  • Ange - Green-haired and right hand of Charlotte. She wields a wing like Arms that sprout tentacles which she uses as a whip or to immobilize her opponents.
  • Miranda - Blue-haired and wears glasses. She wields an Arms that looks like floating knife which can cast illusions on her opponents as well as firing lasers against them.
  • Marianne - Pink-haired in princess curls. She uses an Arms that looks like a giant's knuckle.
  • Monroe - White-haired and dons an eye-patch. She uses an Arms that looks like a Trident/Halberd.
  • Francois (Momoka Sagara) - The newest member of of Adel who is secretly working for the organization.

Trivia Edit

  • The Adel is very similar to The Blood Tribe from Kamen Rider Build.
  • Adel means "nobility" in German.
  • The members of Adel wears chokers that each has the symbols of the suite of cards.
    • Miranda wears the Spade, Monroe the Club, Marianne the Diamond and Ange the Heart. This is a strong reference to the 2004-2005 Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider Blade. These four characters have a several Kamen Rider motifs:
      • Miranda's motif was Kazuma Kenzaki (A.K.A, Kamen Rider Blade), the Rider of Spades.
      • Ange's motif was Hajime Aikawa (A.K.A, Kamen Rider Chalice), the Rider of Hearts.
      • Marianne's motif was Sakuya Tachibana (A.K.A, Kamen Rider Garren), the Rider of Diamonds.
      • Monroe's motif was Mutsuki Kamijo (A.K.A, Kamen Rider Leangle), the Rider of Clubs.